PROBLEM: A Wire is Poking Behind the Back Brace

SOLUTION: Place wax on the end of the wire until you can call the office to schedule a time to have it clipped.

PROBLEM: The Wire Came out of the Tube on the Back Brace

SOLUTION: Using a pair of tweezers, grab the end of the wire and feed it back through the tube on the back brace.

PROBLEM: The Wire is out of the Back Brace on One Side and is Too Long on the Other Side

SOLUTION: The wire slid around. Using a pair of tweezers, grab the short end of the wire and slide it back towards the back brace. Feed it through the back brace until the other side is no longer poking out the back brace on the other side.

PROBLEM: A Wire Broke

SOLUTION: If the wire slides easily, slide it out of the braces. If it doesn’t slide, place wax on any part that is poking and call the office so we can replace the wire.

PROBLEM: A Brace is Loose

SOLUTION: If the brace is poking, place wax on it to keep it from moving around. Call the office so we can remove the poking brace. If the brace isn’t bothering you, it can wait until your next appointment. Please call ahead to warn us you have a loose brace.

PROBLEM: Gums are Red, Puffy, or Bleed When Brushing

SOLUTION: This is a sign of Gingivitis. Brush three times a day and floss at least once a day. If done consistently and with the correct technique, you should notice a drastic improvement within a week. Do NOT be scared to brush when your gums bleed. This is when your teeth and gums need brushing the most.

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