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All patients must wear their retainers indefinitely at night to prevent minor tooth movement!

Once the active period of alignment is completed, the braces are removed and retainers are made to hold teeth in their new positions while the gums, bones, etc. settle into “their” new positions. As children continue to grow, their facial structure may also change. If so, a retainer can be used to keep the teeth in alignment during this growth period. For adults, their facial structure also changes as they age and a retainer can be worn to keep the teeth aligned.

At Kozak Orthodontics, we stand behind our orthodontic care with a Lifetime Guarantee. If your teeth ever require re-straightening after you complete your final treatment with Dr. Kozak, we will gladly replace your braces at no charge. The only cost to you is a monthly charge for adjustments and the cost of a new retainer. A healthysmile should last a lifetime. For those rare occasions when it doesn't, there's the Kozak Lifetime Guarantee.

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