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Orthodontics is an art and science that requires complete cooperation between orthodontist, hygienist, patient and other specialists related to skeletal and facial correction. One of the dilemmas that may accompany orthodontic treatment is the patients' oral hygiene. To help us motivate our patients to keep up with their oral hygiene, and to visit their general dentist 3 times per year, we have developed our Kozak Cash program. For all dental cleanings that occur during active treatment, each patient earns $5 in Kozak Cash. Use the form below for your dental cleanings and return to us at your following orthodontic visit.

Dental Progress Form
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As unfortunate of a situation the physiological functoin of my mouth was just three short years ago, it is still that distance from average, but on the good side. I challenge anyone to find a more friendly and professional team. I could not have asked for better results. I have to learn to bite all over again - I was used ot biting out of the side of my mouth for close to fifteen years! Thank you all ,and I will, as much as I might joke, miss you. Five stars and highly, highly recommended.

  - William Montney

We strive to provide our patients with as much information possible to assist them in a successful orthodontic journey. Below you will find documents regarding important concepts during your braces experience.

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